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Camille d'Alon offers a different image of female pleasure through a series of photos entitled: Amazons


Portraits revealed through the art of  lenticular photography. The expressions of the models vary depending on your position in relation to the photo.


The artist maintains a sense of mystery by not revealing his true identity, tightly guarding the secrets of these portraits.


Contrary to a raw stereotypical and invasive nudity in this current era of the Internet, the series of portraits by Camille d'Alon has the desire to show that women must be the only masters of their pleasure, a pleasure that could assume multiple faces: cheerful, wild, irritated, or stunned. An array of emotions as vast as the female complexity, driven to a more sensual form of pain, expressed through laughter, tears or amazement.   


In a world where eroticism is essentially geared towards the male fantasy, showing bare flesh in mise en scène, where female pleasure appears in an erotic yet grotesque manner, for the first time female pleasure is finally shown for what it truly is.


Aesthetics are a priority for Camille d'Alon, who works with models who trust the artist completely by offering a deep intimacy revealed through lenticular art for a desirable arousing effect.


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